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GGAC Specialty

Special Attraction on 02/18/2017

Golden Gate Akita Club is proud to present our second competition held for Long Coated Akitas.  Not interested in the traditional dog show? Too uptight and snobby for you? Worried that you won’t know what to do in the ring? Well, no need to worry anymore because this event is going to be relaxed and fun!

Does your fluffy have so much hair that he/she gives Chewbacca a run for the money?


Do you think your dog looks like Ozzy Osbourne, Michael Jackson or even Gene Simmons from Kiss? Maybe your dog just has that “rockstar” flair about him?


Well, we Akita fanciers want to see it!


Our judge will be the legendary Ms. Carol Foti, one of the first Akita lovers in the U.S.

Winners of the Best Long Coat In Show will be awarded an 8x10 Frame & Rawhide!

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